Numinus, 2020

Visual identity and art direction for psychedelic-based medicine practitioner Numinus. (5 images) Visit website

Skyrocket, 2020

Visual identity and art direction for Vancouver-based digital agency Skyrocket. Collaborated with Yung Hui. (7 images)

Psygen, 2020

Brand identity for psychedelic drug manufacturer Psygen. (5 images)

K⋅GOLD, 2020

Logotype, art direction, website design and development for jewelry retailer K⋅GOLD. (4 images) Visit website

Tryp Therapeutics, 2020

Logotype design for pharmaceutical company Tryp Therapeutics.

NYB Gallery, 2019

Visual identity, brand typeface, exhibition materials and invitation design for NYB Gallery in Kirkland, WA. (4 images) Visit website

NYB Grotesque, 2019

Brand typeface for NYB GALLERY. (4 images)

Children's language Center, 2021

Visual identity for Children’s Language Center in South Korea. (3 images)

Precision OS, 2018

Visual identity design for VR Surgery Training & Simulator Precision OS. (9 images) Visit website

Marks, 2018–2021

(9 images)

Logos Unused, 2018–2021

(9 images)